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Xiaomi Mi Pad 4: Brand confirms some of its specifications

The Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 will officially arrive June 25 in conjunction with the Redmi 6...

Privacy tool based on Artificial Intelligence “disguises” your selfies

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TP-Link's new smart lamp promises a smart home with low price

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Google Maps with messaging functionality? Almost!

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Google Play Store. Google Calendar is on 500 million Android's

Google Play Store Android app Google Calendar Calendar Google
And you usually use this application of US technology?

It is already beginning to be a periodic report. At every step we report the arrival of yet another application to the enviable bar of 500 million installs on Android devices. Numbers that only include installs from the Google Play Store, the official content store for this mobile operating system. Now it's time for Google Calendar to reach this goal!

The Android app has a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 possible and has over 810,000 ratings. Well, these are enviable numbers, but they don't compare to the EBox application. (No. Unfortunately (not yet).) By the way, I take the opportunity to leave you ON HERE our application for android.

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These are astronomical numbers for this application and only enter the installations made from the official Android store, the Google Play Store. However, it should be noted that most devices using this platform already have the preinstalled application. These are a few privileges of US technology.

Already last week here we had reported the arrival of the Google Calculator to 100 million installations. Now it is the Calendar application that completely overshadows this already extremely notorious value. In his defense, the calendar application is extremely complete.

Google Calendar for Android is increasingly popular on Google Play Store

Although it is already included in many ROMs and is used natively by many brands, Google Calendar has managed to achieve much of this merit for you. This is unlike Chrome browser, YouTube, Maps, and many other US tech applications. It should also be noted that brands such as OnePlus and Nokia are two of the builders opting for native use of this application. Two builders who choose to use a skin or mask a lot leads to Android.

The app itself would first arrive at the Google Play Store in 2012. Since then it has received numerous updates and considerable improvements throughout its entire interface. Recently, in 2014, it received a new look, adapting it to the Material Design that came to rule the entire company.

The official Calendar app for your Android smartphone and tablet will save you time and make the most of every day. To do this, you have different ways to view your calendar. It also shows Gmail events, Tasks, Goals, and more.

And you, do you usually use this application?

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Huawei. Android Oreo and EMUI 8 already have Honor arrival date!

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