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Google Play Store: Clean Master and 7 more apps classified as fraudClean Master is one of the best known apps in the Google Play store. Although the application does not do anything great, it is an App that has over one billion downloads and installations. That is, we can say that it is popular in the Android world.

Today it was reported that the company behind Clean Master is practicing fraudulent ways in order to make more money.

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This is not a simple process to explain, so I will try to be as clear as possible. This scam happened directly to other developers and not to users, yet Cheetah Mobile Apps (creator of the Clean Master) are the ones with the most installations on the Google Play Store and you should beware of them.

All of these Apps have more than two billion installations in the Google Play store

If you have a Clean Master on your smartphone, try uninstalling it. The app does nothing your smartphone doesn't do. Cleaning up RAM is simple and if you want to clean up old files, first install Google Files Go and delete old and corrupted files.

Cheetah Mobile Apps, such as Clean Master, Security Master or even Battery Doctor (which has already been removed) have been identified as fraudulent.

Applications monitored their users' usage too aggressively by requesting more hits than they needed. With these hits the Apps were able to change certain parameters that deceived advertising and many other developers.

Clean Master is the most popular of all.

I will be even more concrete and put it more simply because this is a complex problem.

For example:

Imagine you had Clean Master installed, and inside the app you see advertising for a new launcher on the Google Play store. This launcher was from a developer who paid Cheetah Mobile to advertise on their app. If you clicked on this launcher and installed the launcher, Cheetah Mobile earned a setup commission paid by the advertiser. So far so good. However, fraud begins to follow.

If you went to the Google Play Store and installed that same launcher if you didn't even see the advertising, the Clean Master app would see that you installed the app and tell the launcher developer that you only installed the app because you clicked their link. Something that did not happen.

That is, the application was deceiving the user and monitoring your installations without permissions to do so.

Fraud process explained in the images

The chart you can see above explains to you in a simple way also what I described.

This is a serious issue and there are over 8 applications with over 2 billion downloads with this issue. Therefore, if you have one of the applications listed below, you should eliminate them.

Apps you need to uninstall from your smartphone

In short, this is no longer the first time the Google Play Store has been fragile to developer fraud issues.

Google can't find every morning of apps, and that's not good for you. Let's just hope users start learning that no "Clean Master" will improve their smartphone.

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