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Valve offers complete collection of Half-Life absolutely free! It’s time to download

The series of Half-Life games launched by Valve over the past 20 years remains extremely popular,...

EKB311 / MK888 / K-R42 / Q7 / CS918 TV Boxes Android 4.4 KitKat Firmware Download

EKB311 / MK888 / K-R42 / Q7 / CS918 TV Boxes Android 4.4 KitKat Firmware Download This firmware is for EKB311 / MK888 / K-R42...

OnePlus 6T will be presented on October 29th due to Apple

The official presentation date for OnePlus 6T was announced - in the first phase - on...

Why do you need a VPN service to download torrents

For some, downloading torrents is a mysterious process, while for others it is frightening. In this article, we will understand the intricacies of this process...

Google Play Store: 8 Free Android Widgets You Really Have to Install

Widgets are part of my life when I have an Android smartphone. The Google Play Store is the perfect place to find these apps, but finding the best ones isn't always simple.

So here is a list of 9 widgets that will make a difference on your smartphone. Productivity or design widgets. Something that will make your smartphone truly yours.

Google Play Store: 8 Free Android Widgets You Really Have to Install

So let's look at a list of Android widgets that I think you'll enjoy. New ways to "open" extra content on your smartphone.

All Widgets in List are Free on Google Play Store

First I'll talk about the ones I like best. O Google News It's just perfect because it gives me a quick summary of what's going on in UK and the world without having to open the app. Therefore, to activate the Google News Widget you only need to have the application installed and activate it.

Secondly I really have to talk about Minimal Clock. A watch I never tire of looking at it. Simple, beautiful and elegant.

Thirdly I will take the "Simple weather & clock widget"Another minimalist style widget that shows the time of places you choose. These are the 3 widgets I always need to have on an Android smartphone. Then I will vary depending on the needs or style.

That way, I also leave you a list of more widgets that I know you'll like. They are all safe to install and all have good reviews on the Google Play Store.

List of Free Android Widgets You Really Have to Install

First install our most beautiful App

Cover art

Battery Widget Reborn (Free)

Cover art

Minimal Clock

Cover art

Simple weather & clock widget

Cover art

Chronus: Home & Lock Widgets

Cover art

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

Cover art

Google News

Cover art

Calendar Widget: Month

Cover art

Time Until | Beautiful Countdowns

Cover art

How to install a widget on an Android smartphone

Right after installing these applications will not appear on your smartphone without activating them. To activate them you need to press (and keep pressing) in an empty space on the screen. Soon after you go to widgets and choose the ones you just installed. Please note that widgets are sometimes large and need space to introduce them.

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LITTLE M3 for “little more” than € 100 this Black Friday on AliExpress

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