Today we have another collection of games for you. These are casual games, free and with excellent ratings on the Play Store. If you are looking for free Android games, this is the ideal list for you.

7 free games on the Google Play Store

Defuse the 3D Bomb

The objective is simple, use the combinations and your skills to find the right way to defuse the bomb before it explodes in your face. Nobody wants a bomb to explode in front of you right?

Let’s Create! Pottery Lite

A super relaxing game. If you are unable to take a pottery course, here you have a virtual game where you can make clay pots in the shapes you want and then decorate them to taste.

Progressbar95 – nostalgic casual game

A game for lovers of the now retro style of Windows 98. Enjoy the progress bars, the animated clip and all the gray and boring interface of the early stages of visual evolution in operating systems. But don’t get too caught up in the past, move on.

Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari

In this game you are a cowboy who catches not only bulls and buffaloes but elephants, giraffes and all kinds of animals.

Crash Landing 3D

Are you afraid to fly? So play this game first to be even more afraid. Get on the plane and do lots of dashing stunts, until you stick up against a mountain, of course.

Pokey Ball

Pokey Ball is simple. Take the ball, stretch the spring and throw it upwards. The goal is to reach the top but don’t think it will be easy. An excellent game to pass the time.

Wobble Man

He embodies the “always standing” and wanders around the houses looking for the keys. Be careful, though. You have armed guards behind you.

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