Google Play Store: 14 PREMIUM Apps & Games Now FREE (Limited Time)


The year is ending but EBox recommendations never end. Today we have the ultimate list for you as these are applications and games that used to be paid for but are temporarily free. This is a promotion you just can’t miss as there are absolutely fantastic apps and games on this list.


Linear Art HD

This is not a wallpaper app or a game, it is simply an art creator where you can get together with friends and create the most psychedelic images possible.

ProGo App – Productive goals

Begin the nvoo year by being more productive. End procratisnation by using this app to organize your daily tasks.

Gym pro

I wouldn’t normally recommend these apps but considering that it’s free and without ads, it’s worth it. Choose from several exercises and create your exercise routine.

Tape-a-Talk Pro Voice Recorder

Sometimes there are mobile phones that do not come with voice recorder or come with an insufficient one. With this app you can record in high quality and share.

Manual FX Camera – FX Studio

This app is packed with effects, filters and features to enhance and spice up your camera phone.


HEXASMASH • Wrecking Ball Physics Puzzle

Use the pendulum to push and destroy as many balls as possible.

Battle Ships 1988 Revival Pro

It’s time for sea battle! Join with friends or online and wage battles in the great seas.

Blu Escape – Hardcore Platformer

Inspired by Super Meat Boy, Blu Escape puts you in the role of a blue ball in a dangerous world full of obstacles.


A game that looks like it was made in Paint but extremely fun. You don’t see many games like that anymore.

Rabbit Jump

Remember the 16-bit times (or get to know them for the first time) in this platform game where you have to jump to survive.

Stickman Ghost 2: Gun Sword – Shadow Action RPG

It’s the stick figures war. Choose from dozens of weapons and vehicles and wage epic battles with legendary dolls.


It’s nothing less than good old Sudoku in its free version without any ads.

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