Google Play Store: 12 Paid apps that are currently Free

Google Play Store: 12 Paid apps that are currently Free

Google Play Store: 12 Paid apps that are currently FreeIt's time to look at the Google Play Store and see some premium, normally paid apps that are on sale.

This is a rubric that has already filled my smartphone with premium apps without spending a cent. Although there are applications that I can not resist and invest some change there, usually I see what is on sale to install.

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So we decided to share with you paid app listings that for a limited time are at zero cost on the Google Play store.

It's time to install new apps on your smartphone!

Although we have a short list of applications today, we have apps that are worth installing. For example, the AceSpeed ​​3 game was one I paid a while ago and I don't regret it. Although I haven't played it in a while, I think you'll enjoy it if you never installed it.

Google Play Store Android Apps

However, if you are looking for Apps, we also have some interesting solutions. A video playback application (of various formats), another camera application, or even another that downloads files that are allocated to a link.

That is, there is no shortage of options for you. I can't guarantee you that you'll like all the applications, or if you will like any. However, I can assure you that these lists are recurring and I know that sooner or later you will enjoy.

Since you are installing new applications on your smartphone, take the opportunity to install the EBox application as well. This App I am sure you will like.

List of paid apps that are free on the Google Play Store

Most beautiful app

Cover art

Camera4K Perfect Selfie Video Photo Editor

Cover art

Video Player All Format – OPlayer

Cover art

Weather Forecast Pro

Cover art

Simple Contacts Pro

Cover art

Blaze: Extract Files From Links To Download

Cover art

Speed ​​View GPS Pro

Cover art

As well as games you have to try

God's Orbits – Gravity Puzzles

Cover art

Johnny Bonasera 1

Cover art

13 Puzzle rooms

Cover art

Cartoonist Tap Tap – Cartoon999 (VIP)

Cover art

Can You Escape – Fear House PRO

Cover art


Cover art

In conclusion, here are some options that I hope you enjoyed. Although these promotions are temporary and will end soon, you can always jump to our "tips" tab to see if there are more articles like this one.

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