Google Play Music Does Not Play 2019 Music

Google Play Music Does Not Play 2019 Music

Although not as popular as Spotify or Apple Music, Google Play Music is the original music streaming service for the Android operating system.

From time to time you get promotions that encourage you to use them, such as three free months. However, it seems that for now you can only hear music from 2018 backwards.

An unusual error is causing the app not to play any music released in 2019 in columns. This is certainly a tremendous start to the Google service.

Google Play Music just isn't playing recent songs

Firstly this error seems to be affecting only music playback for external speakers for now. Whenever a user tries to stream via Google Play Music, the error happens.

Secondly, this has been tested with multiple devices. Google Home and Nvidia Shield had the same effect. It simply does not reproduce. However, if you start playing music on your smartphone first and then broadcast to the speaker, that seems to solve the problem.

For now it seems that this strange error is associated only with Google Play Music. Platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud can stream music from 2019 to Google Home for example.

In this sense, the issue here may be related to Google licenses. They may not be up to date for songs released this year. For now the Mountain View company has offered no explanation for this, but it should not be late.

In short, if you want to use Google Play Music and your speakers, you'll have to be a little patient or look for an alternative.

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