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Google Play Books comes to life with Dark Mode

Google Play Books comes to life with Dark Mode

Google remains committed to providing Dark Mode in all its applications. The latest is Google Play Books, which has been supported for this automatic system change on Android 10.

The case of Google Play Books is paradigmatic. The app has always allowed you to use a dark background with white text while reading books. However, the application's user interface has always had a white theme.

With version 5.4.3 this has changed, and now the whole application will be dark. Of course, you can continue to customize your reading view to the theme you want.

google play books
Google Play Books with Dark Mode. Credit: Android Police

Right now I have version 5.4.3 of Play Books installed, and I don't have Dark Mode yet. This means that this is a change that will occur at server level, because there is still no way to switch between themes in the settings.

Dark Mode upgrade gradually reaches users

As is usual with this kind of change, it does not happen to everyone at the same time. Soon all users will be able to access this mode that is healthier for their eyes but also for their battery.

Who reads a lot in the application, probably already used the dark mode. However, getting to the menu and having a completely white interface is a clear problem, which is solved.

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