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New iPhone SE 2 for March, says Bloomberg

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Google Pixel has a “copy paste” function that all Android should have!

The function of pasting and copying has existed on mobile phones since the early days of keyboards, although they have some limitations. However, Google Pixel raised the bar, through a somewhat hidden function, discovered by the Phone Arena.

Google Pixel allows you to copy text when switching applications. When the user slides up and the app is “hung” in the multi-task selector, it is possible to copy any text within the app, even if it is inaccessible text.


According to the example of the image, it is possible to copy text within an image, in an Instagram post. The same situation happens with Spotify and apparently, several other apps that display text but not formatted in traditional text.

This is an excellent feature, as it allows you to copy text from any image or application even if the app does not allow it natively. However, the benefits of functionality do not end there.

Pixel function also allows you to copy and paste images

Imagine that you liked the album cover on Spotify so much that you want to save that image on your phone. Traditionally, you have to take a screenshot or fetch the image through an internet search.

If you have a Pixel, this difficulty is overcome. If you put the application in multitasking mode, you can copy and paste images, send them by email and even save them. As with text, it is a function that offers a lot of versatility and improves the daily use of a mobile phone.

However, apparently, the function was never mentioned. Although you can copy via multitasking from Android Pie, this version of Google Pixel is much more advanced and would be very welcome on Android in general and natively.

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