Google Pixel 5: video shows the whole truth about the screen

Google Pixel 5

No manufacturer is safe from launching articles with defects that can doom them to failure. And the truth is that, over the years, Google does not have the best track record in this regard.

Failures of hardware from previous Pixel line smartphones, and it looks like the new Pixel 5 is no exception. As we notified you in October, there were several users complaining of a slight gap between the screen and the body of the new smartphone.

After some reports of users with this problem, a video of disassembly of the smartphone intends to make this clear. This was launched by the PBKreviews channel and shows that the construction of the equipment should not cause any problems.

It is possible to see in the video above that the screen will not be that easy to release. As you can see, the adhesive appears to be strong enough to not cause problems for users.

The equipment has many cables and connectors that are easy to remove. This means that users should not have any major problems if repairs need to be made to the equipment.

Google Pixel 5
Screen failure registered on Google Pixel 5

Even with videos like this, reports of defective terminals should leave users with a back seat before thinking about investing in such equipment. And that can make this another Pixel with little chance of success.

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