The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is a platform for Android developers. Through this platform, the name of the next Google phone was confirmed: Pixel 5. The nomenclature is not surprising, as Google has used numbers to describe its phones to the public.

To further cement the name, the code names of 3 Pixel devices that will arrive this year were recently discovered. One of them is the supposed Pixel 4a, a “lite” version of the Pixel but maintaining some high-end features, such as the Pixel 3a and the camera.

  • Sunfish (Pixel 4a)
  • Redfin (Pixel 5)
  • Bramble (Pixel 5 XL)

As usual, since the Nexus line, Google maintains the tradition of having marine life code names for its equipment. In the case of “Bramble”, it was listed with the Linux 4.9 kernel, the same found in AOSP. This information strongly suggests that it is really the Pixel 5.

Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL due out in October

The new Pixel is expected to be launched for sale in October, the typical launch time for Google. However, mobile phones are expected to be presented well in May, during the Google I / O event.

The specifications of the Pixel 5 are no longer known, but in any case, the UK’s user should not be too enthusiastic about these devices. After all, the Pixel is a range that has little or no presence in European territory, much less in UK’s.

The days of the Nexus line are long gone, where you could still find them in physical stores or online retailers. Currently, the only way to buy a Pixel is to buy it outside UK or to order from Amazon.

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