Google Pixel 5 disappoints in tests performed on your camera

Google Pixel 5

For several years, the launch of a new Google Pixel was synonymous with a new target to shoot down in terms of photographic quality. However, that paradigm has changed in recent years and the Pixel 5 is proof of that.

A month after its revelation, the DxOMark platform finally published its analysis on the Google Pixel 5 cameras. Its conclusions show us that the Pixel 5 is far from being a reference for its camera.

Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5 is a shy 15th place in the DxOMark ranking

After completing the various tests of DxOMark, the camera analysis platform gave the Google Pixel 5 a final score of 120 points. A figure that puts him out of the top 10 of his ranking and just 7 points above his predecessor.

This shy differential should not be a surprise, as the Google Pixel 5 uses the same 12.2MP lens as in last year’s model. The only difference was the removal of the telephoto lens for the inclusion of a wide angle.

In general, the images captured by the Google Pixel 5 camera are presented in good detail and with good color reproduction. However, both lenses also have some noise.

The big limitation of the Pixel 5’s camera is actually in zooming. With the lack of a dedicated lens, it was found that approaches over 2 times start to present an unwanted noise level.

Observing your performance in the video chapter, we have good and bad conclusions. On the positive side, its fast autofocus should be highlighted, as well as good details, good colors and good stabilization.

It is in low light conditions that the Google Pixel 5 video begins to show signs of weakness. Under these conditions, noise, color cast and poor exposure stain the smartphone’s performance.

This test carried out by DxOMark attests to how the competition has managed to keep up, and in some cases far exceed, the photographic performance of the Pixel. This should be enough for Google to realize that it is time to change the lenses on their smartphones.

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