Google Pixel 4 will have a feature that iPhone 11 should have! (video)

Google Pixel 4 will have a feature that iPhone 11 should have! (video)

After introducing the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, we see that there were no significant improvements to FaceID (face recognition). Well, it looks like Google will show Apple how to do serious face recognition.

According to the new information, in the video below, Google Pixel 4 will be able to recognize your face even when you're sitting at a table. That means you don't need to pick it up to unlock it and see notifications and information on the screen.

Google Pixel 4's new Air Gestures shown in video

According to the video, Google Pixel 4 will be able to change music, see notifications, or even mute a call simply by waving your hand over your smartphone.

This question raised some questions regarding privacy. That is, how does the smartphone know that you really are waving your hand. This is where Youtuber "This is Tech Today" enlightens us.

Pixel 4, unlike the new and "innovative" iPhone 11, will be able to unlock and realize if you're next to the smartphone even when sitting on the table.

iPhone 11 fails not to innovate Face ID

Google Pixel 4 iPhone 11

Personally I'm one of those who doesn't like FaceID. Apple Face Recognition even works 90% of the time, but the other 10% requires me to enter the unlock code. Something I never did when I had a biometric sensor with my finger.

One of the other but FaceID is that whenever I'm on the table I can't see notifications until I unlock the device (something I've selected for more privacy). So I really have to take the equipment, pray that it recognizes my face next and only then see who wrote me.

The Google Pixel 4 will be unveiled in mid-October, and it looks like it will fail in the front design only. However, we have to realize that the tastes are relative and I believe someone will like the way it was designed.

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