Home Android Google Pixel 4 is one of the best sound quality Android smartphones

Google Pixel 4 is one of the best sound quality Android smartphones

Google Pixel 4 is one of the best sound quality Android smartphones

After the cameras, DxOMark has ventured to assess the audio quality of smartphones. The most recent object of its ratings was Google Pixel 4 which ranked fifth in its rank.

With a total of 68 points, the Google Pixel 4 is the third best sound quality Android smartphone on the market. It should be noted that in the top-5 we have the iPhone XS Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Pixel 4 Audio

Pixel 4 is better at playback than audio recording

Tests by DxOMark conclude that Pixel 4 excels above all in audio playback. Still, the platform had to leave a fix on bass quality, which is slightly below other tops.

Already on the side of audio recording lies a small disappointment that it captures music with better quality than voices. An unfortunate conclusion to a piece of equipment that has the ability to transcribe speech in real time.

Despite these conclusions, it is not fair to say that Pixel 4 is weak in audio recording, quite the opposite. DxOMark points out that Google's smartphone can pick up undistorted audio even in noisy environments, such as a rock or electronic concert.

Still, the platform emphasizes that there is room for improvement in this regard. There is still a considerable difference for the Huawei Mate 20X which is the leader of this ranking with a total of 75 points.

Top 5 best sound quality smartphones for DxOMark

  1. Huawei Mate 20 X – 75 points
  2. iPhone XS Max – 74 points
  3. iPhone 11 Pro Max – 71 points
  4. Asus ROG Phone II – 69 points
  5. Google Pixel 4 – 68 points

It is also curious to note that Samsung does not place any of its equipment among the top five in the market in sound quality. The Galaxy Note 10+ 5G appears only in sixth place, contrasting with its fourth position among the best in photography.

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