Home Apple Google Pixel 3a has the best camera in a mid range, according to DxOMark

Google Pixel 3a has the best camera in a mid range, according to DxOMark

Google Pixel 3a has the best camera in a mid range, according to DxOMark

Presented last May, just now Google Pixel 3a knows the DxOMak platform verdict. As you would expect, this smartphone presents itself as a great bet for those who value photography, especially for the asking price.

In DxOMark tests, Google Pixel 3a is able to collect a final score of 100 points. This result puts you just one point behind the Google Pixel 3 and iPhone XR, which cost far more than this mid range.

Pixel 3a dxomark
Score achieved by Pixel 3a on DxOMark

Google Pixel 3a produces slightly underexposed images in low light

As with all cameras, the Google Pixel 3a also fails a little in low light conditions. In tests conducted by DxOMark, the platform concludes that this equipment tends to produce images with low exposure when light fails. Still, its overall performance, when light is scarce, is noteworthy.

When the light is out, Pixel 3a can deliver images with excellent color reproduction. Thanks to its HDR processing, this smartphone can preserve with great quality the scenery before us.

As far as portrait mode is concerned, Google Pixel 3a doesn't look as good as Pixel 3. DxOMark denotes that the mid-range model is less consistent than its high-end sibling.

Although it may not impress in low light conditions, Pixel 3a can outperform the iPhone XR in the field of photography. It's worth noting that Apple's equipment costs more than double that of Google.

Video seems to be the least good point of Google Pixel 3a

The Google Pixel 3a's 95 video points put it one point behind the iPhone XR and three behind Google Pixel 3. This poor performance is mainly due to the underexposure of the images and their poor detail.

In contrast, DxOMark praises the low noise even in conditions where light is not abundant. Also noteworthy is its fast and accurate autofocus, vivid colors and good stabilization.

In short, Google Pixel 3a proves to be a great proposition for anyone who wants a smartphone with a good camera. It is not the best on the market, but for the price you ask you will not find better.

Who is DxOMark?

DxOMark is an independent platform well known to photography and video lovers. This platform focuses on camera and lens testing, including smartphones and professional cameras. It is already one of the main analytical barometers for image capture in all its forms.

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