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Google Pixel 3 start to overheat issues

Google Pixel 3 start to overheat issues
Google Pixel 3 Stand
Google Pixel 3 has heat issues even on Pixel Stand

After the great controversy created by the presence of a notch Quite peculiar in its larger model, now the Google Pixel 3s are starting to appear in the news for other reasons.

It seems that it will not be this year that the Mountain View company can launch a new smartphone without having any problems. Not a big surprise anymore, as each year different problems arise as soon as smartphones reach users.

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Since the new Google Pixel 3 started shipping, users have reported many problems. However, recent reports are beginning to reveal a much more serious problem.

Several platforms were chosen by users to express their concerns, be it on Reddit, Google Forums, Twitter and also on YouTube. It looks like several Google Pixel 3s start to overheat while they're charging, to the point where they automatically turn off.

Google Pixel 3 start to present quite worrying overheating issues

We all know that it is normal for smartphones to warm up slightly while charging. Especially if we are performing some additional task at the same time. But these Google Pixel 3 go beyond any limit, even forcing the smartphone to shut down for security reasons.

According to reports, this event occurred in several situations. Regardless of the type of charger being used to charge smartphones. It seems like overheating happens whenever users charge Google Pixel 3 and continue to make a voice call or even make streaming of video.

Google Pixel 3 Overheating

So far it is not possible to know exactly what is causing these problems, and how many smartphones are being affected. We can only wait to see what the Mountain View company will do to solve these problems.

Finally, if you bought a Google Pixel 3 and you are having these problems. Your best option will be to contact the company's customer support. So you can organize your smartphone exchange.

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