Google Pixel 3 Lite Revealed in Photo Gallery

Google Pixel 3 Lite Revealed in Photo Gallery
Google Pixel 3 Lite Android Pie
New photos of the possible Pixel 3 Lite still appear.

Rumors of a possible Google Pixel 3 Lite continue to surface across the big Web and raise more and more questions. Contributing to this is the growing number of photographs portraying this smartphone with the Android Pie platform and all the cloud of uncertainty hanging over it.

Therefore, much has been said and written around such a smartphone. In fact, its mere existence has divided the opinion of our readers and even our authors. However, it is true that these images show us a functional Android smartphone but … will it ever hit the market?

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That is the main issue that has plagued us in recent weeks. However, I still believe that this prototype, although functional, will never be officially presented. At least not in 2018 or unless Google gives us some plausible justification to reinforce its current product portfolio now.

In this sense and with the year 2018 already at its final stretch we are not expecting new minimally impactful mobile ads. However, we could see this terminal with Android Pie being presented, for example, at CES Las Vegas 2019.

Here's the Google Pixel 3 XL next to several other terminals.

In the first place, something that is nonetheless an extremely remote hypothesis to say the least unrealistic. However, we can now see a whole new gallery of Google Pixel 3 Lite images. Secondly we can now see the terminal here compared to several other smartphones today, from Android terminals to iPhone as well as the Nokia 3310. Thirdly note the Cyrillic characters displayed on the screen of the supposed Google Pixel 3 Lite. What's more, look at Google's camouflaged logo, the "G" on its back – the bottom portion of the smartphone.


Faced with this we are faced with the possibility that this prototype was acquired in some way and, from there, a wave of rumors was created. Something that I find at this moment far more likely than we are about to present.

A smartphone with Android Pie and affordable price?

Still, if there's anything I've learned during all these years of market attention mobile is that one of its main traits is volatility. That is, although unlikely, does not mean that such a hypothesis does not materialize.

In short, we will be watching for any developments around this Android Pie smartphone. Until then, I leave you with the latest gallery of photos alluding to this terminal.

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