Google Pixel 2 goes through the FCC and reveals its Active Edge feature

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Google Pixel 2 active edge
Possible look and colors of Google Pixel 2 smartphone

Google will surely be finalizing preparations for the presentation of its Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2. This is how all the tech press has been addressing Google's new smartphones and there has been plenty of advanced information about them.

This year, the research giant is expected to present two devices with some aesthetic differences. On the one hand we should have a device very similar to the original Pixel and on the other a renewed design with reduced margins.

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In the midst of all known rumors, it was advanced that Pixel 2 should feature pressure-sensitive sides. A feature similar to the one introduced in HTC U11, which is a clear heritage from HTC for Google terminals.

Yes, because it will be HTC building this model, something that has now been confirmed by the US regulator FCC. The same entity also confirmed that the pressure sensitive sides of the new Google Pixel 2 will be known as Active Edge.

This image was broadcast on Reddit and shows us the settings of the new Pixel 2. In it we can see the section dedicated to the language and gestures of the device, where there is a reference to Active Edge.

The description coupled with Active Edge functionality further predicts that at least it will be able to wake up Google Assistant. It is only mentioned that she will be able to wake up a personal assistant, but this being a smartphone designed by Google, obviously it will be the Assistant to be present in Pixel 2.

Active Edge will surely be able to wake up Google Assistant in Pixel 2

Looking at the image that has now been released by the FCC, we can draw other conclusions about this smartphone. First let's look at the clues left to us regarding their specifications.

The version of Pixel 2 pictured here comes with 64GB of internal memory. The device that came into the hands of the US regulator has 50.66GB free, the rest being occupied by the default applications installed and the Android operating system itself.

This operating system is presented in version 8.0.1. Once again, Google smartphones will hit the market with the latest version of Android to date, with version 8.0 not yet on the market. This should only happen next week.

Finally we see reference to the processor of this smartphone by reference "mw8998". This is precisely the Snapdragon 835 reference, but rumors claim that this Pixel 2 could come with the Snapdragon 836. This is possible since last year also the Snapdragon 820 and 821 came out with the same reference "mw8996 "

Google's new smartphones are due to be official in October this year, celebrating one year after the presentation of their predecessors. By then much more should still be said about them and hopefully the company will still reserve us a surprise regarding the design of these equipments.

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