Google pisses users off with ads on Android TV

Google pisses users off with ads on Android TV

Google's television operating system – Android TV – is becoming increasingly popular with many Smart TV and TV Boxes. However, it seems that a new strategy from Google to take advantage of this popularity is making users furious.

Recently many users have started reporting unwanted commercials appearing on the Android TV main screen. These new ad units appear in a 'sponsored content' column. Google has officially confirmed that it is currently testing on the implementation of new 'suggested' content.

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According to the company, this new implementation meets the major goal of the operating system to provide the best and most personalized experience possible. However, it was very clear that introducing more advertising on Android TV is not the way to go …

Android TV begins to display advertising and users are furious!

Although Google has stated that this testing phase is not being implemented in NVIDIA and Xiaomi products. Several reports confirm that both Xiaomi Mi Box 3 and NVIDIA Shield TV are running controversial advertisements. In addition to these two gadgets, also Sony Smart TVs seem to be included in this 'pilot program' by Google.

Sony has already responded to this implementation of the Mountain View company by informing its customers that it has no control over the appearance of these advertisements. Confirming that the ads are managed exclusively by Google. However, Sony makes a suggestion to avoid these advertisements by creating a restricted profile where only the desired channels appear.

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While there is no simple way to remove these new ad units, there is already a way to 'get around' the situation. According to a Reddit user, it is possible by uninstalling Android TV Core Services app updates. This action causes the Smart TV main screen to not work, but pressing the Home, the issue should be resolved.

Of course, to make this situation permanent, you will have to disable all automatic updates. Therefore it should not be considered as a long term solution. I remind you that by disabling updates, you will not also receive security patches, which is certainly not a desirable situation.

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