Home Applications Google Photos: You'll like the App even more with this new edition!

Google Photos: You'll like the App even more with this new edition!

Google Photos: You'll like the App even more with this new edition!

Google Photos is one of the best Apps you can have on your smartphone. A cloud for all your photos and videos without paying anything for it.

Today we have the information that the application will be even better with a new tool for editing your photos. According to the information, you will be able to blur the background of your portrait photos as soon as the feature is available.

Blurring the background of your portraits will be simpler with Google Photos

Google Photos
Image Credit – StephanieGH Instagram

Simply put, the application will allow you to select a portrait photo and simply blur the background of the image.

This type of feature is already available in other applications, such as Snapseed, but Google Photos will make enabling "background blur" simpler.

The functionality has already arrived in the latest version of the application, but its activation is through server. That is, update the app and expect Google to say "ok" so that you have the functionality on your smartphone.

You don't need smartphones with many cameras for this purpose.

Huawei P30 Pro

When this feature came to smartphones, the devices had to have multiple cameras. One to capture the subject and the other to give a higher quality blurred background.

However, the Google Pixels arrived and did a much better job with software alone. That is, if it is software that we are talking about, it can be implemented in other applications.

Well, Google Photos and Google Duo (Video Call App) will be the first to hear the news. Therefore, update the application and you should not wait long until this edition is possible. Implementation is expected later this year.

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