Google Photos receives visual changes and is safer with the new update!

Google Photos visual update

The Google Photos app is one of the most popular on Google and for good reason. This is currently the most complete and effective tool for storing, managing and sharing photos on any of your devices.

Recently a very serious problem was reported with the application that, due to a bug, ended up sharing private videos with other users. Fortunately, it has already been confirmed that this issue has been fully resolved in the latest update.

Google Photos visual update

In addition, thanks to the analysis made by the team of the 9to5Google site on the new APK, we learned that some improvements in the look of the application. However, it appears that the changes are being rolled out through the server, and are not immediately available to all users.

Google Photos is much more practical and intuitive

One of the most used tools in Google Photos is the search, which makes it much easier to find any photo or video that you have stored in the cloud. However, placing it at the top of the screen ends up making access more difficult than would be desired.

With the new look, the bottom bar is now showing only three items, namely Photos, Research and Library. selecting the Search icon will automatically activate the keyboard, making the whole process much faster and more practical.

Google Photos settings

In addition, the main page will also undergo some changes, presenting the list of people marked at the top, followed by your places and “things”.

By exploring the rest of the main page you will be able to access basically all sections of the application, which makes access considerably easier.

Finally, in the settings you will see the “Photo frames” tab, which will be used to manage the albums to be reproduced in your digital frames.

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