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Google Photos: Adding text and scribbles in photo editing

The new way to edit photos in Google Photos is here. It started being made available...

Huawei is in bad shape in the United States

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Google Pixel 5 may be the smartphone that the market lacks

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Google Photos is much more beautiful and practical with the new update!

Google Photos continues to present itself as the best tool for organizing and storing all your photos and videos, without having to “steal” space on your smartphone. In addition, it gives you access to all your files on any device where you can sign in with your Google account.

Despite having received numerous features over the past few months, its interface has not undergone major changes, with only slight improvements being implemented. Now, it is finally time for your interface to receive a real renovation, becoming much more practical and intuitive.

Google Photos new look home

First of all, it is important to note that this update is being made available through the server, that is, there is nothing you can do to force the update. To make sure you get the new look as soon as possible, you just need to make sure you have the latest version of Google Photos and wait.

Visual news starts to arrive in the Google Photos application

It will be impossible not to notice when you receive the update with the new look. The first change that will jump out at you is the disappearance of the search bar (and menu button) at the top of the screen, being replaced by a simple header with the app logo.

Therefore, the first interactive section of the application becomes that of memories, where you will be able to recall events that happened on this day a few years ago. This section is followed by the list of most recent photos.

The bottom navigation bar has also undergone considerable changes, now showing a total of five icons. As the search bar at the top of the page disappeared, they were forced to include a search icon in the navigation bar. In addition, they changed the album icon which was replaced by the library icon.

Google Photos visual filters

Google Photos will help you find what you’re looking for, much faster!

Google Photos’ artificial intelligence capabilities have always impressed us, making searching for photos using keywords extremely practical. However, if you want to search for files without using any search term, the task was no longer that simple.

Now, the new “search” tab will put at your disposal a wide list of filters that are guaranteed to make it easier to find the photos you are looking for much faster.

As soon as you access the new tab, you will be able to explore a page full of filters and sections that are presented in the following order:

  • People & Animals
  • Locations
  • Things
  • Your activity (favorites, recently added)
  • CALL US (screenshots, selfies, videos, 360 photos & videos, PhotoScan, Animated photos)
  • Creations

As is often the case with these updates via the server, there is no way to guarantee when you will be able to access the news. It remains for us to wait until Google decides to release the update to all users.

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