Google Photos is failing for Android users

Google Photos is failing for Android users
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Google's image storage service is facing some issues …

Google Photos is most likely one of the technology / products products of Mountain View, California's most popular technology giant today and is increasingly used by all types of consumers (including this author). The service is free and there you can automatically store all your photos and videos in high quality, being available for Android, iOS and via the web.

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It turns out that, as can be seen on Google's own official forum, some Android users have not been able to see the content they have uploaded / saved to Google Photos since October 17th. Photos will not appear on the Google Photos site even though the images are stored there and can be viewed through the Drive service.

Google Photos has some issues with its Android version

Personally I am not one of those affected by the problem but, looking at the vast number of complaints on the tech giant's official forum the problem is far from an isolated case and is very easy to summarize.

Images stored / stored on this service since October 17th are not appearing on the Google Photos site or its version for Android devices. However, the photos are still "in the cloud" as through Drive you can find your photos. Moreover, by accessing via an iOS device you will also find all your content.

To access the contents of your Google Photos through your Drive you can follow this step-by-step tutorial by the technology giant itself, and is a good way to overcome this flaw in the Android service.

Do you usually use Google Photos?

So far, the company hasn't commented on any of this growing number of reports of affected people who can't see their photos through their Android device, not even through this service's website while browsing. mobile (via smartphone / tablet).

The problem has already been reported to technology and seems not to be affecting all users of the service on Android but there is no doubt that it is spreading fast.

You can quickly check whether or not you are affected by making a Upload, upload it to your Google Photos here, and confirm whether or not you can see your most recent photos – the photos you just saved on this service.

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Until then, here's some advice for this photo and video storage service:

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