Home Applications Google Photos has a new design that you will like!

Google Photos has a new design that you will like!

Google Photos has a new design that you will like!

Google Photos is probably one of the best apps you can have on your smartphone. In addition to having a smart gallery, you also have the possibility to save all your photos and videos without limit of storage space.

The latest news, will be well received by all those who like to share their photos with others. This change comes at a time when Google starts to change all its Apps in the same way of sharing.

Change of look when sharing photos on Google Photos

Google Photos new design
Left old version. In the center and on the right the new version

So far, if you shared a photo, you had a huge list of apps to choose from. You just had to slide horizontally to find the App you wanted.

Now things are different. You will only have 4 buttons. One of them shares the photo on a link, then we have the two most recent apps and then a button that says “more”.

By clicking on this button you will have access to all applications that allow sharing the photo. Apps are in the “application drawer” format, which will give the user a simpler way to find the App they are looking for for sharing.

In this new design I would just add the possibility to search for the App. I am one of those who does not like to look for the App icon. Instead, I prefer to write the initials of the application. Unfortunately, you still can't do that.

When the new update for your Google Photos will arrive

Google Photos

Apparently the update is via the server. On our side we still continue with the old design, however, I am one of those at the bottom of the list to receive updates for this application.

Confirm that you have the updated Google Photos app and in the coming weeks (or days) you should already have the new sharing design in your app.

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