Google Photos brings a novelty n photo editing that you will love

Google Photos

Google Photos is an increasingly used application. In addition to being unlimited storage for your photo and video memories, it is also smarter than any other gallery application.

The latest novelty launched with Google Pixel 5 also brings a new feature that you will love if you like edited photos, however, you do not have the talent or patience to do it manually.

Smart photo editing has come to Google Photos

The novelty will first reach the Android system, however, it is expected that the application will also bring these features on Apple’s iOS system.

Google Photos

The goal is to edit the photos with suggestions from the Google Assistant. That is, you will have 3 suggestions coming from the application that you can simply and quickly apply to your photo.

For example, look at the GIF above. The existing photo is a typical selfie on the beach. The two-person portrait mode where the focus of the photo goes to people.

Google Photos

Therefore, Google is able to identify this purpose and gives the suggestion to make the colors “pop”. As soon as you click the button, the brightness and color of the subjects is increased and the background of the photo becomes black and white. This is to give more emphasis to people in photography.

All of this is done at the touch of a button and the suggestion of the Google Assistant. In other words, in other photos you will have even more possibilities because Artificial Intelligence has the gift of being able to “see” what is going on.

We still don’t know when this new feature will reach all smartphones with this application. First it will arrive at Google Pixel 5, however, it is almost guaranteed that it will not be long before it reaches other devices with the application.

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