Google Photos adds functionality for the App to save your battery

Google Photos adds functionality for the App to save your battery

Google Photos adds functionality for the App to save your batteryNeedless to say, Google Photos is probably one of the best apps you can have on your smartphone. The app, which is available for Android and iOS, gives us unlimited space for all our photos and videos and save memory on the smartphone.

However, the application is not perfect. At least for some. The purpose of the application is whenever you arrive at a location with WiFi automatically back up your photos and videos without worrying too much.

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That is, theoretically is good, however, is not always ideal. If you're running low on battery power and have come to a friend's house or are in the coffee shop, you shouldn't want your smartphone to start launching cloud photography and ruining the rest of your battery.

Google Photos will back up when connected to a charger and Wi-Fi

This will give Google Photos the ability for users to select that they only want to upload while connected to a Wi-Fi and charger. That way, it will never ruin your battery.

The new feature was caught in the new Android APK code, but for some reason I can't find it in the settings. That is, it is possible that this feature will arrive in a while after you install the new version of the application. Note that this possibility has already been selected in the past. But for some reason, Google withdrew it a while ago.

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New app version here

To install the new version of Google Photos you just have to have "Drive" on your smartphone and click on the link above. Right after clicking Download wait a few seconds and you can install the application on your smartphone.

Since you are in an application installation, you can also install the EBox application! We'll be happy to be part of your main screen.

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