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Google Photos: Adding text and scribbles in photo editing

Google Photos: Adding text and scribbles in photo editing

The new way to edit photos in Google Photos is here. It started being made available a few weeks ago for smartphones and now seems to have reached most users.

So with the new functionality it's easier to add text and scribbles to your photos. So far, to do so you had to download the photo from Google Photos to your smartphone and use a mobile app to do it. Well, no more!

Add text and scribbles to your photos in Google Photos

So, let's go step by step. A simple and quick tutorial for you to learn effectively. First make sure you have the updated application. You just need to go to the Google Play store and make sure you don't ask to upgrade.

Choose the image you want to edit and click the "settings" button below.

Google Photos add text

Soon after you will see a button that looks like a "scribble". Click!

Google Photos add text

Here you can add the text in the letters "Tt". You just have to type something and after writing you can edit where you want the text.

Google Photos add text

You can customize the text with different colors and place it in the position you consider most relevant.

Google Photos add text

You can also doodle the photograph. To do this click on the button marked below and select the tone you want.

Google Photos add text

Finally, you just have to "finish" at the bottom right and "save a copy" that will appear at the top left. Simple and fast.

More photo edits are available on Google Photos

But photo editing in Google Photos doesn't stop there. You'll be able to explore a little and you'll find that you can add a filter, crop the image or resize it in the way that you find most advantageous.

Still, if you want to have more editability of your photos, download the SnapSeed application. An editing app made by Google that is free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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