Anyone who uses the Google Phone app has certainly realized the inability to record calls. This is perhaps the big absence in this app, but it will finally change soon.

Google Phone beta 43 has several references to introducing call recording. We do not know yet when this function will reach the final version of the application, but it will certainly be a matter of time.

Google phone

Recording calls in the Google Phone app will be as simple as pressing a button

The source code for this app indicates that there will be a button on the Google Phone interface that will allow you to start recording a call. Once this button is pressed, an animation will be displayed indicating that the call is being recorded.

This will be a simple and effective way to know when a particular call is being recorded. It remains to be seen if on the other end of the line there will also be any indication that the call is being recorded.

It would be important for this to exist to avoid privacy issues. After all, no one would like to be recorded without knowledge.

It will also be possible to record voicemail messages locally

The same beta 43 of the Google Phone app indicates that you can store voicemail messages on your smartphone. These audio messages may be stored locally, no longer dependent on your service provider.

For some reason, someone may find it important to save a particular voice message for later. Now, your carrier’s limit on this type of message will no longer matter.

With the addition of these features, this application will become even more complete. If there were already several reasons to recommend Google Phone with the implementation of these news, there will be little reason not to use it.

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