Google Pay can now be used on the web and even Apple iOS

Google Pay can now be used on the web and even Apple iOS
Google Pay Android iOS Web Version
The company's payments service, your Pay, can now also be used on the web.

The service Google Pay allows us to make payments for purchases and services through our mobile device. Its premise is similar to Apple Pay or even to MB Way. Pay with the smartphone. It will now work on the web and even on iOS devices.

Now, as the US technology itself tells us through its official blog, the company has decided to simplify the entire system. Indeed, the new Google Pay It's much more than just amalgam between Android Pay and Google Wallet. It represents a whole new approach, now unified and much simpler.

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Aiming to make the whole payment procedure with the mobile device even simpler is more expeditious and straightforward. The purpose of this service remains to make payments. Now also through Apple iOS devices and desktop browsers.

The US giant claims that despite this platform and system of payments not exactly new, it is clothed with a new spirit. From now on, this new name represents a much simpler payment system than the previous solution.

Google Pay may be used on Apple iOS devices and via the web

In practice we can consider Google Play to be a unified platform that can be used for both supermarket and web shopping. In fact, the Google Pay payment option is already being presented to some users, especially in the United States , through the web version. Through browsers like Chrome, Firefox and even Apple Safari.

Google Pay Android iOS Apple
Whether it's an Apple Android or iOS device, you can use this service.

Just as Apple Pay is already extremely popular out there, so Google Pay wants to implement as a viable and simple solution. To this end, the US research giant promises to continue to develop its entire payment system.

Note that until now the Google Play service, consisting of the old Android Pay and Google Wallet, was already working on your Chrome OS system. It could then be used through the Chrome browser and of course through the Android mobile app.

Firefox and Apple Safari among supported browsers

However, by 2018 the company is expanding its entire payments service. Now, as you tell us through your official blog. The service already works with third party browsers. That is, you can already use Google Pay on browsers other than Google's.

In this sense, the service can now be user through iOS devices. Or even on Apple macOS through its own browser, Safari. Also, Firefox is already supported, promising the company to extend its availability and compatibility.

As you can read on your official blog "We are starting to roll out the Google Play web service. So you can use it from your computer and even on iOS devices. That said, every time you shop around the web, if your Google Pay is set up you can use it via Chrome, Safaria, and Firefox browsers.

In a final note, the US technology states that payment data, account data can be automatically synchronized with other compatible devices. Of course, if the user makes use of it.

If you have a payment service that can be used through your Pixelbook, the web version or even through an Apple iPhone.

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