Google Now Launcher will be discontinued later this month

Google Now Launcher will be discontinued later this month

For those who love pure Android, one of their favorite launchers is certainly Google Now Launcher. This launcher created by Google itself has been the choice of many that do not fit those sly interfaces of some brands and is still a constant presence in other equipment such as Nexus, Motorolas, Umi or others.

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Well, if you're one of the fans of this launcher, you'll be disappointed by today's news. Google has announced that starting March 1, it will discontinue its popular Google Now Launcher.

In practical terms, this means that after this fateful day it will no longer be possible to find Google Now Launcher on the Play Store and OEMs (Android smartphone makers) will no longer be able to use it on their products as new devices with this launcher will no longer be approved by Google.

For the latter, however, there is a way around the problem and to continue to offer a similar experience. Google will now offer Search Launcher Services, which can be applied to any Android launcher, while continuing to offer Google Now cards with a simple swipe left from your smartphone's home.

For those who have already installed Google Now Launcher from the Play Store, they will still be able to use this launcher for as long as they like, but after the end of the first quarter of this year it will no longer be updated.

For those who like this launcher, surely this is sad news. However, hopefully it will return well, meaning that the new Pixel Launcher will be available for any smartphone other than the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL very soon.

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