Google News may have days counted in Europe

Google News may have days counted in Europe

Google News Europe

For some time now, there has been talk of possible new European legislation on sharing content online. From the outset this possibility has rocked the digital world as it puts the future of big platforms at risk.

One such platform is Google News, one of the top free platforms where users can find all kinds of news "on the fly". It seems that the arrival of new legislation could put an end to the existence of Google News in Europe.

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In essence, this new European legislation aims for online content creators to be paid. Whenever your posts appear in Google results.

In the case of Google News, there are several hundred news stories "shared" with users every day. This will surely make the normal operation of the platform unviable.

Google News may close its doors in Europe if new legislation comes into force

According to Richard Gingras – Google News Vice President – this is a platform that does not feature any advertising. That is, the Mountain View giant does not receive any revenue from this service. Gingras also points out that they believe this is a valuable service thanks to its purpose of serving society. And not as a possible source of revenue.

Google News Europe

I recall that in 2014, very similar legislation was implemented in Spain, resulting in the closure of the platform in the country. As you would expect, all online publications, whether newspapers or blogs, have seen their visits and consequent monetization drop considerably.

This legislation comes as a result of several years in which Google was accused of not paying a fair fee in Europe. Considering the high level of revenue it can achieve in the various markets.

We are facing a "political battle" that still has an uncertain end. But it seems that users may actually be the one who will pay the "highest price".

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