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The Volkswagen emissions scandal is still very much present in our memory and now the plot...

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Google News is getting ready for news you’ll love!

Google News, also known as Google News, is one of the best places to read today’s news. However, it is an application that still needs improvement.

Today we have the information that Google is preparing to present “TOTAL” Dark Mode (I explain why it is different from the Dark Mode you may already have enabled) and the introduction of the “Like” and “Dislike” button for the news.

Google News and the new Dark Mode

Google News

You can even have Dark Mode, or Dark Mode, enabled in your Google News, however, this implementation is only triggered on the main page of the application where the news is. That is, as soon as you open the news you have the normal layout of the website. This means that if the website is white background you will have white background.

However, the new implementation will make opening a news story, even if the site has a white background, the news background is dark. This new feature will come thanks to Google Chrome’s Dark Mode that forces the changing colors of websites. Still, you can get the news in Google News even without Chrome installed.

Like and Dislike in the News

Google News

We are not well aware what this news will be about. We know that Google wants interaction on the app, so we introduced the Like and Dislike button.

We do not know, however, whether the user will be asked to vote for the news or the quality of the news. We just know that Google News would need to look seriously at what kind of posts you put in your feed.

I’m not against opinion articles other than mine, however, I don’t like to click on an article and the page setup isn’t ready for Google News, which forces me to open a page in Chrome (are you reading Record? photos do not work in News).

In addition, it is extremely unpleasant to click on an article to view the news when it requires us to subscribe to a monthly subscription to view the article. It was preferable to take this article from Google News, a service that boasts of being a free news hub.

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