Google Messaging: Web version is even more complete with the new integration! Find out how

Google Messaging: Web version is even more complete with the new integration! Find out how

The Google Messaging service received its web version some time ago, and has since evolved greatly. Now, with the integration of Google Duo, the service is even more complete for those who use it directly from their computer.

Implementing support for Duo in Google Messaging (web) will make the service much more complete and convenient, making it possible to start a video call directly from text conversations.

Google Duo Messaging

As you would expect, you will only be able to see the button to start a video call with your contacts who are also registered with Google Duo.

Using Google Messaging on the web and making video calls

While not a service independent of the application you have on your smartphone, Google Messaging on the web can be an extremely useful tool. By using the web version, you will no longer need to pick up your smartphone whenever you want to send or read a message, increasing your productivity.

Now, as long as you have a webcam on your PC, laptop or Mac, you can also start video calls quickly and conveniently.

Getting started with Google Messaging on the web is very easy:

Messages for web

  • Then simply follow the instructions to start using the service on your computer.

Messages Google for web

Once you have access to Google Messages on your computer, you will see all your current conversations updated on screen. At the top of the list you will have the button to send a new message where you can access all your contacts in your Google account.

If one of the contacts you're chatting with also uses Google Duo, you'll see a new service icon in the upper right corner. Pressing the button will automatically open a new tab with Google Duo web, and you can start with a simple click.

Google Duo Messages

Google continues to constantly evolve web versions of its applications and services, with the primary goal of making the entire user experience as versatile as possible. This way, users will be able to continue to use all of their services, regardless of which platform they are using.

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