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Google may be preparing two mid-range Android smartphones

Google Pixel Stand Android smartphones
Is the US tech preparing two new smartphones?

The US manufacturer may be preparing two new surprises for the first months of 2019. In this sense points the new clues found within the software, giving us the "Bonito". This is the supposed code name for one of two mid-range Google Pixel Android smartphones.

First, the first references to mid-range Android smartphones were found in June this year. However, it is only now that new clues have emerged around possible mobile devices.

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As the international press advances, it was within the new ARCore APK source code that these clues emerged. There, buried inside the lines of code were allusions to two new Android smartphones, hitherto unknown.

In this sense, reference to new devices within the source code of an application means that it will be ready to support them. However, it does not imply that they will actually be presented by Google.

Two new Android smartphones from Google?

Second, while the first Android smartphone was already known by the codename "Bonito," the new one is now nicknamed "Sargo." What's more, I recall that Google already has a long tradition of naming fish-based or inspired code names. Yes, who doesn't remember the Motorola Nexus 6, the "Shamu". By the way, we have a whole panoply of Google Android devices whose codenames were based on aquatic beings.

Google Pixel 3 Google Android Smartphones
Soon we can get to know two new Android smartphones from this manufacturer.

Still, we no longer have any strong evidence to say that they will be presented. Incidentally, we cannot even be certain that they will be made by Google and, as such, inherit the name Google Pixel.

Two new Google Pixel smartphones? Perhaps…

What we do know is that one of Google's apps supports in its source code two mysterious smartphones. Now, will they be the next brand bets or not? That only time will tell.

However, if the rumors are right, we could have two new smartphones with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 710 platform. One of the most captivating lines of processors with top features.

In any case we will be aware of any news.

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