Home Applications Google Maps will be perfect for motorcycle riders!

Google Maps will be perfect for motorcycle riders!

Google Maps will be perfect for motorcycle riders!

Google Maps has evolved considerably in recent times. It seems that out of nowhere Google found that its applications deserved more prominence and began to seriously improve its features and functionality.

Google Maps is now getting a new implementation perfect for motorcycle riders. The application will have the improved route for drivers with this type of vehicle.

Moto symbol already appears on Google Maps

Google maps motorcycle
New feature in Google Maps

The functionality is not yet available to all or all countries, but implementation has been general. Now, by opening Google Maps, some users are beginning to see the option of selecting a "bike" in conjunction with "car", "bike", "walking", and "public transit".

This implementation is enough to give motorcycle users new routes that may be more advantageous and impossible for cars to use. There are narrow streets where a car has to avoid passing a motorcycle now without any problems.

Functionality has not yet arrived in UK

Google Maps

As I mentioned above, the feature has not yet reached UK. By the way, it is for now only intended for the Asian market where bikes are used in greater numbers.

Still, Google doesn't take long to bring this kind of functionality to our Google Maps. Therefore, I believe this should be available as early as 2020.

In short, as much as other GPS applications exist, Google Maps is becoming more capable. We can even say that Waze is equally good, but it is worth remembering that both are from Google.

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