Google Maps returns to Apple Watch. But not everything is perfect

Apple Watch Google Maps

Google Maps was once one of the apps available for watchOS – the Apple Watch operating system. But after abandoning this project more than three years ago, Google is now back on the platform.

This navigation app is available in version 5.5.2 on the App Store for Apple Watch, but don’t expect a dream integration. You will not see the maps directly on the watch, but will have access to step-by-step directions.

As soon as you enter the app, you are shown your current trip. Below is a list of estimated travel times for pre-saved locations, such as your home or work.

Apple Watch Google Maps

You cannot add new locations directly to your Apple Watch

The implementation still has things to fix. Adding new locations is not yet possible directly on the Apple Watch, having the user to use the smartphone to do so.

An important detail is that the smartwatch supports the most varied types of navigation. This means that it is possible to consult data by car, bicycle, on foot or by public transport, according to 9to5Google.

Apple Watch

If on Apple Maps you can see live maps on your watch, this is still an impossibility in this app. And if it happens in the future, it will make the integration much more complete.

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