Google Maps promises to save lives with the new feature. Know more

Google Maps Fireworks

Google Maps is one of the best GPS applications you can have. However, it has improved considerably in recent years with features that go beyond taking you from point A to point B.

The new functionality is an example of this. With partial integration in some countries, the new feature promises to save many lives with relevant information from fires near you or on routes you may be about to take.

Google Maps will show the danger of forest fires

Google Maps Fireworks

Apparently, the new feature will begin to be implemented in the United States of America, however, I would not be surprised if the application quickly updated in other countries that suffer every year from forest fires.

UK is one of those countries. Although Pedrógão Grande has been one of the biggest catastrophes in recent years, our country is seriously attacked by fiery people every summer.

With the new functionality, Google Maps will be able to tell which area has been burned and what is in fire danger. If you are on a route where a fire could strike, Google Maps sends you a warning and redirects you to another route.

Google Maps Fireworks

That is the objective, however, it is easier said than implemented. Although Google Maps is seriously more advanced than the rest of its competitors, it is not easy to map a forest fire.

UK has a platform that warns you of fires

While the functionality does not reach our country, you can always go to “” and have detailed information of the active fires in our country.

It is a pity this information does not connect to our car GPS, so if you are going for a vacation in the countryside, make sure the place you are going to is safe.

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