Google Maps: New update has arrived and the news is fantastic

Google Maps has a new life with this update!

Google Maps: New update has arrived and the news is fantasticThe long awaited Google Maps update has arrived. This new update has come not only to fix rogue bugs but also to give us relevant news. Especially if you are one of those who uses the application constantly.

If in the past Google Maps was perfect only when you were traveling to places you didn't know, today is a different story.

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Google Maps gives you amazing traffic information, new routes to your destination, and places to visit when you visit a new place.

The update has also come to give us more local details. By opening the app and swiping from the bottom up we have information about events, restaurants, cafes and even gyms near me.

Google Maps gains integration with Spotify, Apple Music and Play Music

I am sincerely amazed by the update. Let's just hope that Google can find all events even if they're not as "public" as that.

However, the news does not stop there. Today we also have the long awaited integration functionality of Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play Music. The functionality is turned off by default, however, it is simple to activate.

You just have to go to "Settings" – "Browsing Settings" and "Show Media Playback Controls". Then you just need to choose your favorite player.

It is also curious that after activating music in Spotify and opening Google Maps my computer continued to play music. That is, even if your free Spotify account is playing elsewhere, it will still work on Google Maps. Note that this may also be a bug in Spotify's application and integration.

Right after activating Spotify and opening the main Google Maps page you will see a Spotify icon. You just have to click to choose your favorite song or playlist.

This is one of the best updates we can have. After all, many users use Spotify while driving. This way you don't have to leave the app to control the music you are listening to.

The update should be available to all Android and iOS users. Just confirm that you have the application in the latest version. However, if you don't have the feature yet it's a matter of days until it appears.

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