Google continues to invest heavily in implementing and improving Google Maps. The application is getting better and better and the new feature will make you a local celebrity.

For that to happen, you don’t need much. You just need to leave your review at the raisin locations and keep your profile public. That way, local people can follow your opinions more closely.

Google Maps will be more than a social network

Google Maps

It is no longer the first time that Google tries to make its social network. The failure of Google + is an example of the failure of the American giant.

However, on Google Maps the company has a market that it never had. It is a market that is willing to give its opinion on places to visit without asking for anything in return. In other words, here is a good time to start making the service more dynamic and making Google Maps a little more interactive.

The next update gives you a profile and the possibility for other users to follow your work. Your reviews will later be followed by those who want to visit a new place.

Local “Reviewers” on Google Maps would be “gold on blue”

Google Maps

One thing is for sure, I didn’t mind having the “influencers” (true influencers who do not allow themselves to be molded by the payment) of each city in UK.

With a well-designed repertoire, it would be interesting to visit a city in the footsteps of someone who knows it well. The tour guides are interesting, however, we always have the same problem. They are made to generate business.

Hence to say “if you want to eat well in a city you don’t know, ask a local”. I sincerely believe in the potential of this service. Incidentally, it is the tip of Google Maps to recommend reviewers (or influencers) whenever I choose to visit a new city.

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