Google Maps is more complete with this ‘colorful’ novelty

Google Maps

As we reported to you in July, Google Maps had been ‘caught’ testing the display of traffic lights on the streets. And as reported by Android Police, this feature finally seems to be reaching a wider number of users.

The display of traffic lights during navigation started to reach more Android users. However, in our tests it has not yet been available in our country.

Google Maps
Google Maps already shows traffic lights for more users in the United States. Credit: Android Police

It is stated by the source that this feature does not need to be activated manually. This means that as soon as it becomes available on your device, it will appear automatically.

Apparently, there have been no aesthetic changes since the test versions. This is because the icons remain in the same design, and easily adapt to the size you place the map on.

Google Maps
Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps

It is good to bear in mind that traffic lights will appear whether you are in navigation mode or just searching on Google Maps. This way you will have a better sense of what awaits you on your way.

As usual, these features are available primarily in the United States. But very soon we hope to have this navigation feature available on UK’s roads on Google Maps.

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