Google Maps and Google Search will tell you how long Restaurant waits

Google Maps and Google Search will tell you how long Restaurant waits
Google Maps Google Search Restaurant 1
No one likes to wait in the restaurant and the Mountain View tech knows it

No one likes to wait for your meal in the restaurant, even when we're in the best of companies or in a large group of friends. Mountain View tech knows this, and Google Maps and Google Search will help you choose restaurants.

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Whether we like it or not, our eyes and smell begin to focus on the delicacies we will enjoy and the minutes will seem like hours to pass. Especially if you're hungry before you reach the restaurant, the wait can be excruciating.

For now the Mountain View giant, California, still doesn't have the power to speed up time or work some kind of magic to get your meal to your table faster. However, it will help you to plan your next lunches and dinners in the most varied restaurants.

Google Maps and Google Search will help you choose the restaurant

To alleviate this a little bit Google has announced through its official blog that both its Maps service and Search will show you the average wait times in various restaurants so that you can better plan your next outings.

I had personally noticed this feature when displaying this information within Google Maps when searching for a new restaurant during the summer. However, this feature was still in the testing phase and would not be fully prepared for distribution.

Google Maps Google Search Restaurant
Very useful feature – credit: GBlog.

This feature will also be made available and presented to users by Google search, "Search". In both cases, you will be presented with the most popular times for each restaurant so you know what to count on and at what time a certain place usually has a higher turnout.

All of this information presented on both services is based on anonymous feed-back and data collection so that users can effectively get a sense and know in particular what the busiest hours are in a given establishment.

These features will soon come to search as well as being present in the Maps service. Personally it is a new "piece" of information that can prove especially useful when you are in a new city or locality and do not know the habits of your restaurants.

And you, tired of waiting in restaurants for your meal? So the next time you go out, it might be a good idea to peek at your smartphone before planning your next meal or out.

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