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Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 4G has specs revealed before presentation

The Xiaomi subsidiary continues to advance at full speed in the mid-range segment, now preparing for...

AirPods may be part of new iPhone 8 sales box

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Sonos Playbase: the full review 2020

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Samsung Galaxy S10: New Photos Confirm Design Details

With the sheer amount of rumors and information leaks, time flies without realizing it. True, we...

Google Lens on Google Pixel can now import handwritten notes

Google Pixel 2 Google Lens Android
The Lens service gives you more information about your surroundings.

The Google Lens service is beginning to attract more and more attention. Although currently only available for Google Pixel devices, we can't remain indifferent to its increasingly captivating capabilities. Always using Artificial Intelligence, you can now even import handwritten notes directly to your smartphone. To do this, just turn on the camera and activate the "Lens" service.

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It's not magic and has already been demonstrated by a platform user Reddit realized that just pointing your Google Pixel device to the board. There was a message, a sentence, simple handwritten text. The smartphone recognized the text, thanks to Google Lens and gave you the ability to save the information for later use.

Google Lens is getting more news for now, only in Google Pixel

You can later save this information to the Keep service. In practice, you will move from a handwritten note to a digital note, with the smartphone being the intermediary. You can put tags this note or even import the information into a different "G" account.

This "change" is part of one of a new phase of launch and generalization of this service. Little by little it becomes available to more users. Unfortunately for the moment, we still cannot enjoy this news. However, as the 9to5googland The technology giant is even committed to developing and generalizing the use of this service.

Among us, we can only dream of your arrival. How practical would this new function be for us to save some notes quickly?

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