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Google: It is too expensive to know if man earns more than woman

Google's colors

Earlier this year, technology giant Google was accused in the United States of paying women less than men working under its purview. These accusations have since been denied in court, and the US authorities have asked Google for more detailed documents and reports on their employees' salaries.

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In the face of a court order, Google even shared some of this information with the court. However, the technology giant has refused to disclose more accurate data on its employees' salaries or pay. Because? According to her, doing so would be too costly. Let's try to analyze and understand this "why".

Too expensive for Google?

Within the framework of this process are the allegations of gender pay gaps within Google. For the tech giant it would be financially unworkable or at least too costly for the tech giant.

Google representatives were called to testify in court last Friday, claiming that they would need about 500 hours of work and investing close to $ 100,000 to meet the prosecution's requests. I recall that the US authorities had required Google to have a detailed history of the general information and salaries of Google employees. Moreover, according to DoL (Department of Labor) This stance by Google represents a clear intention of non-collaboration and non-compliance with legal obligations to the State.

Each year Google earns about $ 28 billion, being one of the most profitable companies in the United States and the world. Figures that have led prosecutor Ian Eliasoph to say that Google could easily absorb this cost, just as a dry sponge absorbs a single drop of water.

credit: depositphotos.com

In defense, one of Google's attorneys, Lisa Barnett Sween, told the Guardian He stated that it is “obviously time consuming and expensive” to compile all the requested information.

The case began in April when she was brought to a lower court in San Francisco, California. This came just months after the charges were made public in January, which prompted the US Department of Labor's investigations.

According to the representatives of this department of labor, the pay gap dates back to 2015 and needs a contextualization and rationale that will have prompted the request for information and pay history. Only in this way would it be possible to observe and understand the existence or otherwise of the said differences in payment at the end of the month. The agency also claimed that it would need personal information about employees in order to conduct a round of confidential interviews.

Google's position

Google has strongly rebutted any allegations of gender pay gap between its employees, claiming that it has already eliminated any gender pay gap on a global scale and that there is no race disparity in the US.

For Google, the US Department of Labor request would violate the privacy of its employees and have been based on this refusal. On the other hand, according to Frank Wagner in statements to the court, he, who is one of the technology officers in the equality and compensation department, if women receive less than men and occupy the same position, these disparities may persist even if both perform. your tasks at the same level.

Hypothetically speaking, Wagner explained that if a female worker starts with a lower salary than a male colleague, both with the same job and tasks, she is likely to continue to receive less, even though both shine in their first year at Google. and pass with distinction in all periodic evaluations. However, over time their wages would converge, eliminating possible disparities.

The process will continue in the coming months, in compliance with legal procedures. In the course of which I do not doubt that we will get to know the wage reality better within Google.

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