Google is thinking about disliking Youtube videos

Google is thinking about disliking Youtube videos

Google has talked about Youtube likes and dislikes and has admitted that it is considering removing functionality from the platform.

However, removing this feature is not simple as content creators get some statistical data about their videos with this feedback.

Google is thinking about dislike Youtube videos

Recently the Youtube Rewind video won the video award with more dislikes on the platform with 15 million dislikes. A curious move that took the video in a few days to surpass the video of Justin Bieber over 10 years.

Google wants you to justify your dislike on Youtube

This is certainly why Google has publicly stated that 'Like' and 'Dislike' should not be present on the platform.

Tom Leung, a YouTube executive, said they are trying to figure out what drives a user to click on dislike. He also pointed out that they could not remove dislike and leave like because it was not properly democratic.

Apparently, one of the possibilities of the dislike of the future is that there is justification for this like. According to Tom, this way, the content creator can understand what has to change to realize what pleases those dissatisfied.

Still, I believe Tom doesn't understand the Internet these days. Dislikes exist because they do. There are people who just don't like you. The acclaimed hatters.

Content creators (us included) have to learn to live with them. There's nothing to do. I believe that like and dislike are important in understanding what our audience thinks. But it was not the end of the world if those possibilities were removed. A new soap opera is about to begin. Let's wait and see what this is going to give.

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