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Google is developing an alternative to Microsoft's HoloLens

Google Microsoft HoloLens Augmented Reality AR Glasses
The US tech is developing a new augmented reality device.

Augmented Reality (AR), the next frontier and next bet after Virtual Reality (RV). We have seen an increasing bet on the first one after the last one not attracting as much attention as one might expect. Now technology Google will be developing an alternative to Microsoft's HoloLens glasses.

Augmented reality glasses were introduced in 2016 and are currently oriented to the business market. Note that its commercial value, in the order of 3000 euros, becomes prohibitive for the common consumer.

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Still, Microsoft broke the barrier of the impossible and opened the door to the whole new world of RA. A mix between the physical world and the virtual world with endless applications. Something that has attracted the attention of other companies.

As you might expect, Google is now working on an alternative to Microsoft's HoloLens as the publication goes on. Wifuture.de. The German publication by Roland Quandt, source of innumerable leaks of information, now advances this possibility.

Google prepares alternative to Microsoft HoloLens

We have witnessed a growing bet by Google to make known its ARCore, the "toolbox" for exploring RA. In this context we consider very likely the development of these new glasses dedicated to Augmented Reality. According to the source the device will be independent and need not be paired or dependent on, for example, a smartphone. For all intents and purposes it will be a device similar to Microsoft's HoloLens.

Google-Augmented Reality-glasses-1.jpgGoogle-Augmented Reality-glasses.jpgGoogle-Microsoft-HoloLens.jpg

Google Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses

Given the usual Google calendar we believe that augmented reality glasses (AR) will arrive in late 2018. Their presentation should coincide with the arrival of the new Google Pixel 3 (also with notch).

At this time the glasses for AR are still being developed by the US technology and have no defined name. They are only referred to internally as Google A65 and will have a processor made specifically for the device by Qualcomm.

According to the international press, it is believed that this SoC belongs to Qualcomm's new range of processors for IOT devices. More specifically to the new QSC series from the North American manufacturer.

The details around the new chip are not yet known, and it is also being developed right now. However, we know and can advance two strong possibilities.

We have two processors in view of Google's AR glasses

On one side we have the processor Qualcomm QSC603, one chip with Kryo 300 cores and Kryo 300 cores with a maximum processing frequency of 1.6Ghz and 1.7Ghz, respectively.

Google Glasses Microsoft HoloLens RA glasses "width =" 800 "height =" 447
After Google Glasses, will be the next "adventure" of US technology © wearable

Moreover, we know that this SoC has Adreno 615 graphics and supports Qualcomm NPU with integration with the Android Neural Networks. Very promising processor in the integration of artificial intelligence.

On the other hand, the chip QSC605 from the same builder is also a strong possibility and a great candidate. It has a total of 8 processing cores, grouped into 2 + 6 cores.

We have two cores dedicated to Kryo 300 Gold performance (speed) with maximum frequencies of 2.5Ghz. We also have 6 cores optimized for energy saving with maximum frequencies at 1.7GHz, Kryo 300 Silver cores.

Google is also believed to be working in partnership with Taiwan-based manufacturer Quanta to produce these augmented reality glasses. This was the same company that produced the Pixel C tablet.

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