Google is already promoting YouTube Music in music searches


When you search for music on Google, the search engine returns you quick results, including options for platforms where you can listen to tracks like Spotify, Deezer and Google Play Music. However, YouTube Music is also part of the suggestions.

As 9to5Google indicates, YouTube Music is already appearing on the suggested music reproduction platforms, right after Spotify. This is an inclusion that would already be expected from Google, which uses its search engine to promote its products.


This is another step in the improvements that Google is making to YouTube Music, in order to legitimize it as the standard music player on Android. The goal is to replace Google Play Music once and for all, discontinuing this product.

YouTube Music only appears when searching for albums

It seems that Google still has some edges to file, in this inclusion of YouTube Music in music search. Until now, YouTube Music is only offered as a suggestion when the user searches for a specific album. If the search criteria is a song or an artist, YouTube Music will no longer appear.

YouTube Music has undergone a design and function change

Recently, Google released an update that changes YouTube Music, giving the platform a simpler look. In fact, the app is very similar to Spotify, with the music controls (volume, playback, previous and next track, random play) included on the main screen.


Additionally, Google also added the lyrics to the songs. They can be heard while the track is playing or in a separate tab, where the user can follow while the music plays.

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