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Google improves the multiroom options of its speakers

Multiroom with Google smart speakers

Being able to set up multiple speakers as a multiroom system is nothing new. These types of solutions already existed before, but it is true that with the arrival of smart speakers it has become popular, perhaps a little more. Thus, both with the products of Amazon, Google, Apple or any other brand that integrates its assistants you can.

Depending on the assistant, it is done in one way or another, but basically it is either through voice commands or through the smartphone application. The first control method is simple as long as you are clear about the name of each speaker you have at home. If not, so far the best option was to use the application for iOS or Android.

However, smart speakers with a screen that make use of Google Assistant will now have a really interesting new option. So much so that the normal thing is that it would have been available much earlier. Google has put the batteries and has released an update that activates a new functionality and interface for any user, you can create your own multiroom system quickly and visually.

For create a multiroom system on a smart speaker with a screen, from now on you just have to do the following:

  • Activate your smart speaker with screen and tap on the new Cast icon that you should see at the bottom of the screen
  • Once all the available speakers in your home appear, select the ones you want to reproduce the audio
  • Sets the volume for each of them independently or together with that of the main speaker
  • Ready, enjoy your music, podcasts or any other type of favorite content

As an interesting detail, from this new interface you not only select which speakers to use, but also which one will be the main one. This is important because while you can manage the volume individually, when you vary the volume of the principal the rest will do it accordingly. That means that if it is at 10 dB volume and two other satellites at 8 dB, when you lower four points the main one will have a configuration of 6 and 4 dB in each of them.

When will this new update be

This new feature should now be available to all users of this type of speaker, and if not, it will do so shortly. A feature that adds to the existing ones for multiroom audio setup. That is, you can continue to access it through voice commands, the mobile application or with this new interface for devices with a screen.

In addition there are other improvements such as being able to change from one speaker to another through the function of transfer stream, also set up two speakers to play in stereo mode and get new music recommendations. Oh, and multiroom setup is something that works with most current applications for playing multimedia content type Spotify, Google Music, YouTube, etc.

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