Google Gmail minor visual changes for Android

Google Gmail minor visual changes for Android

If you have an Android the probability of having a widget is great. If you use Google Gmail as your primary email, you are also likely to have the inbox widget.

Every time I move to an Android smartphone I have to have this Google Gmail Widget occupying a full page. With the amount of emails I receive daily, this widget solves the problem of entering the mailbox to see what arrived.

Google gmail widget

With the Google Gmail visual changes, the Mountain View company has also decided to update its widget with a new style. Material Design 2.0 gives us a more elegant version of the inbox.

Google Gmail has a new design for your Android widget

The email box now gives us a more modern, minimalist style with a different font. We also have a pen shortcut in the upper right corner to start writing an email right away.

Google gmail widget new design

The reaction to the click is exactly the same. Clicking on an email you have received will send you into the Google Gmail app to interact with the message.

Like the older version, you will have no distraction whatsoever. You have an adaptable window with the emails you want to see. You can put the inbox like any other folder. I personally prefer the inbox because it is the feature I see most in the app.

To get the new widget you just need to update Google Gmail in the Google Play Store and then activate the widget. You can do this by clicking on an empty space on the home screen and selecting the Gmail widget. You can later also resize the window to the size appropriate for you.

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