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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 can be launched with buttonless design

The Note line is always one of the most anticipated of the year and 2019 is...

Xiaomi launches a “bathroom organizer” that you will want to have!

Xiaomi continues to surprise even in sectors where the brand never did. This time he partnered...

Google Pixel 4a vs OnePlus Nord: see which of these midrange is the fastest? (video)

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Mass Effect returns with 4K graphics and a big surprise

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Google Gboard gets new features in new beta – APK

Google Gboard continues to present itself as one of the most popular keyboards for Android smartphones, with only Swiftkey as its rival. To continue to show this level of popularity, the company needs to continue to bring us new features. With the new beta of the application, that's exactly what it came to do.

In version 8.1.2 of the Google Gboard beta, we see a few small implementations that promise to greatly improve your level of productivity.

android keyboard

What's new, you'll be able to find minor changes to your interface, as well as the arrival of a new feature that will allow you to erase your search history simply and quickly.

Google Gboard continues to present itself as one of the best Android keyboards

Firstly, you will notice a small change made in the shortcut menu. Until now, shortcuts were positioned in a single row. After the update, you will see that the icons will be arranged in two rows, making the most of the available window space. This will make it easier to identify the defined shortcut, and help you take advantage of the space if new features are added.

android gboard keyboard

As with your browsers, the Google Gboard keyboard also has a search history that is being recorded as it is used. Therefore, this new feature will also prove to be very important for users. From now on, with a simple long press from the suggestion you wish to delete, you will have the option to delete that search suggestion.

Google Gboard (APK)


Unfortunately, it seems that one of the most wanted news by users is still under development. O clipboard continues to appear only randomly for some users and is not yet 100% operational. This is an extremely desired feature that will make this keyboard even more popular.

How to install the new APK version of Google Gboard

First click on the Google Gboard app icon above. Soon after clicks download inside Google Drive. Then, in the "Downloaded" notification, click and install the application. Your smartphone will ask you if you trust Drive, say "yes".

Finally, it follows the typical “following” and “install”. It's done. When you reopen Google Gboard you will be in the new version. As simple as that.

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