Check Point’s latest survey reveals a situation that does not favor Google. According to the study company, 56 apps were found in the Google Play Store with the aim of committing ad fraud, deceiving its users.

None of these apps were detected by Google Play Protect, the malware detection system included in the app store. However, all apps share the same malicious software, called Tekya. This simulates the opening of ads to generate revenue for advertisers.

Ironically, some of the companies with ads on the malicious apps are well known. Among them are Facebook and Unity, the famous game development engine. Of the 56 apps, the majority are utility applications such as calculators and cooking recipes. Some games for children are also included.


Malware hides in Android’s native code

Check Point details that Tekya managed to pass Google Play Protect’s “radar” because it is hidden in Android’s native code. The specific code runs only on Android processors, which means that it spreads quickly.

Again, it is shown that Google does not have a foolproof system in its app store. However, we have to realize that the Google Play Store has more than 2 million apps, 56 of which are infected is a small number.

Check Point made the usual recommendations: keep the phone up to date and install protection software for the phone, from a reliable source. If you want to know the best antivirus for your phone, check out our list of recommendations.

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